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Days come and go. Some days become important throughout our lives because of the memories attached to them. We try to do something special on that day to make it memorable. We invite people and share our joy and make that day an occasion. How can that occasion be complete without decoration? And there cannot be any decoration without the bubbly boons–balloons.

Balloons have been an integral part of the decoration for parties, at weddings and even at corporate functions. The balloons are very flexible and so mix up with the mood of the occasion. It is in our hands to use this charming material to the core and brighten up the occasion. 

Now, how to use these balloons to the core? The maximum that is to be done is to get it, blow it and hang it. What else? Well, not actually! A lot can be done and with a sprinkle of creativity balloons can give wonderful results. It also serves a lot of other purposes. At a very less cost, you are able to create a colourful, elegant and positive mood in the party. Though, in India we to celebrate for a lot of reasons and seasons, some main and common occasions have been dealt with here.

Balloony-Toony for kids:

  • Birthdays are the most joyful days of one’s life. Specifically for kids, they are delightful days filled with surprises and happiness. Balloons just add more fun to this celebration. The sheer scene of balloons hanging on the walls creates that atmosphere of fun and joy. As kids love cartoons, you can have cartoon painted balloons and those cartoon balloons can be made to swing in a way such that they look like singing the birthday song along with everyone present.
  • To make the entry of the birthday boy/girl more effective, just give them a balloon bouquet with colourful balloons with the words ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.
  • If your child is an aspiring James Bond, then try something different. Stick balloons in bunches at various places and hide some secret codes behind them. Ask your child to burst the balloons and collect the codes and finally get his/her birthday present.
  • Small paper caps, cartoon face masks with tiny hands and legs can also be attached to the balloons and these tiny balloon dwarfs can be left floating in the floors just to add a comic feel to the party.

Couple up with balloons:

  • In India, marriage is the coming together of two families. Hence, while decorating for marriages, there is an option that we can assign different colours for the bride’s and the groom’s family and mix shades of these colors and create patterns throughout the marriage hall. These colours can even be matched to the colours of the wedding dresses of the bride and groom.
  • The entrance of the marriage hall is the most important place. An arch of balloons could be your perfect idea to make people feel invited and warm. The arch could contain colorful balloons or the two specific colours alternatively put.
  • Balloon beams and small balloon pillars can be put up in different places with the couple’s photos in them.
  • Apart from these, you can make photo frames of various shapes like hearts, diamonds and ovals and put the couple’s photos in them.

Boost it up with balloons:

Balloons can in general be used and decorated in such a way that the mood of the people who have come to attend the function gets boosted up. It is in our hands to make the balloons appear more expressive. Balloons can be tied up in the chairs and tables to add an aura of flying in the atmosphere. Balloon drop would add a surprise element in the party with soft balloons falling from above on people.

Be innovative, stand out!!

The colour of the balloons can be matched with the season and theme of the party. During summers, you can drop white balloons like snow and in the spring, yellow and red balloons like flowers. Gift boxes can be decorated with small balloons. If you are adventurous enough you can also spice up your party with a hot air balloon.

Different shapes and colours of balloons can be attached on the walls of the terrace or the ceiling of the building where the function takes place. This way, you can invite your guests from a long distance and they start getting the party mood even before entering your premises.

Decoration is an art and balloon decoration is one of the ‘most simple and easy to do’ and ‘available for all’ part of that art. Balloons are simple yet sensational, easy yet elegant, cheap yet cheerful. If you are in a position where you can afford only one decorating material then go for the balloons. It will take the place of all the left out items and will make your party a grand success. After all, we are talking about the bubbly balloons here!!