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Flowers are recognized as the ideal average of appearance for the approach, emotions and the sentiments of person beings. Which is why, flowers in its various hues and colors are used by citizens to wish and welcome their friends, loved ones, relations members and their kith and family. Florists crosswise the earth have come to develop this phenomenon and helped people to get nearer jointly through floral desires on celebrations, occasions, and particular events. People living miles and miles separately from each other began sending flowers to desire and greet each other. Come Christmas and New Year. The floral industry across the world witnesses a big bang as citizens start distribution flowers online to their dear ones. Major Hindu festivals are no exception.


Know what flower speaks:

Each and every flower verbalizes emotion through its color, fragrance and petals. It is always important to know   expressions each flower can add.

Red Flowers: The red roses says your love, the red shades of   carnations, day lilies, anthuriums represent beauty, bravery, might and zeal.

Yellow and Orange flowers: Yellow daffodils, Marigold, sunflower express joy and happiness, it also symbolizes friendship. Orange flowers like Gerberas, Daisies, and poppies signify enthusiasm, fortitude and fulfillment. A mix of yellow and orange flowers makes a festive occasion more vibrant.

Lavender flowers: lavenders, lilies, irises represent the feminine elegance and tenderness while purple flowers correspond to victory and pride.

White flowers: White being a color of purity, the white flowers like Lilly, carnations and orchids represents innocence and virtue. White flowers are used as a representation of sympathy on the occasion of demise.

Pink Flowers: Pink is a feminine color while pink flower varieties like roses, primroses speak of beauty and love. Pink flowers are the perfect gift for a couple who had a baby girl.

Blue flowers:  Blue flowers represent peace serenity and youthfulness. Blue flowers like Irises expresses wishes on Birth of baby Boy.

Green Flowers: Green is the symbol of life and green flowers idealize a new beginning and well being. Usually green flowers or mix of green and bright flowers is gifted to as get well soon wish.

When each flower can express so much, imagine in unison how beautifully they can complete the words untold. The artistic sense of a florist lies in arranging flowers to complete all the expressions.