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Online buying in itself has a lot of advantages. Convenience of shopping is the obvious one of them all. The fact that these flowers can be bought without being physically present at the shop is something that couldn’t have been thought a few decades ago. Also your choices increase manifolds when it comes to online shopping of flowers. With a picture of all the designs available on the web site hardly anything is left to the imagination.

The Carnation scientifically termed as Dianthus Caryophyllus meaning the “Flower of Love” or “The Heavenly Flower” is the most adored and admired flower of choice. The warmth and the allure of a Carnation symbolize one’s fascination and love for the other.

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And since dissimilar flowers have diverse meanings, it is significant that when you provide one to your esteemed one, you are sending them the correct note. on the other hand, carnations are not only gorgeous and long lasting flowers, they also send a meaning: When you obtain a red carnation bouquet, it means, "My heart aches for you" and when you receive white carnations the sender is saying: "I am still available." Flowers can represent obsession. Only flowers can confidently utter the obsession that you sense for your flower. You can give her Roses or Carnations to show her how passionate you experience about her.

With a history that reads back to the Greeks, the Carnation is used by a majority of Christians to express love as it is to be believed that the first Carnation bloomed when Mary’s first drop of tear fell to the ground as she wept for her son, Jesus while he was carrying the cross.

With the spiritual meaning that a Carnation brings, it is commonly worn during special occasions. The Carnation is worn mostly during weddings and on Mother’s day symbolizing the love and the ambiguity of affection. This flower is also chosen as an emblem of Mother’s day by the Americans and Canadians. Koreans use the Carnation to express their love and gratitude on Parents Day and Teacher’s Day. In a few countries, the Carnation is worn on Labour Day and at the University of Oxford the Carnation is traditionally worn by students during their exams.

Each colour of a Carnation is painted with a meaning to express feelings and emotions.

  • The Purple Carnation – The Purple Carnation symbolizes eccentricity and peculiarity. The French use the Purple Carnation during funerals to condole the death of a loved one.
  • The Stripped Carnation - The Stripped Carnation is used to symbolize failures in love and heartbreak.