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We even use flowers to congratulate someone or as a gift. Be it any occasion nothing says congratulations like flowers. In earlier times the proximity to flowers was limited to those who grow them but with the advent of technology we have been able to spread this reach far and wide. We find florists selling flowers in every nook and corner of the city.

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Lilies have been connected with many earliest myths. They are mentioned in the older evidence, and in the New evidence, and represent chastity and asset. Even today, lilies are connected with purity and faith. Lilies signify purity and virtue, and also have physically powerful spiritual links. They are the ideal alternative when ease is the keynote. Its glowing white outside was blushing with gold within, like the affection that co-exists with the Virgin's purity; its scent. Like her asset, could neither be simulated nor eliminated. Lilies subsequently appeared in most images of women and, with or without her, will always be linked with simplicity and purity virtue, ease & adolescence.

The World of Decoration Is Incomplete Without Lilies

Flowers are ‘priceless’

Flowers speak emotions. They add to bliss, change the mood from sad to glad, and make the atmosphere cheerful. There cannot be the best thing that is ‘priceless’ than flowers. You can present a single flower, or a bunch, or a bouquet as the occasion demands. Flowers spread beauty and happiness that is beyond words. Various types of flowers live together in a bunch or a bouquet; roses, orchids, lilies, tulips, tropical, stephanotis, etc. Every flower expresses different emotion or has its own language. Wonder to hear this? They show the gratitude, remembrance, excitement, innocence, love, sharing, joy, comfort, proud, etc.  Some flowers are regal, ambitious, calming, and passionate.

Lilies- Inexplicable part of bouquet

Among all these, Lilies fit in every bouquet and are eye pleasing and are peaceful. They are eye-catchy and awesome among all other flowers. Completion of bouquet or a bunch is not possible without lily. Lilies make the event colourful with their varied colours like yellow, white, red, orange, pink, and purple. They come in varied size and shapes. They spread sweet smile with their calming fragrance. Few species of lilies have acquired award of Garden Merit from Royal Horticulture Society.  Lilies are found everywhere in the world, just the species differ from place to place. Their different colours articulate different emotions such as virginity, passion, gaiety, innocence, and sweetness.

Types of Lilies

You would find various kinds of lilies. The main divisions are; Asiatic hybrids, Martagon hybrids, Candidum hybrids, American hybrids, Longiflorum hybrids, Trumpet and Aurelian, Oriental, and interdivisional hybrids. They all have a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. There is no comparison in terms of magnificent beauty. All have splendid colours to tempt you while choosing one. Few lilies are with fragrances that give little higher monetary returns as compared to non-fragrant one.